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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ob•serv•antəbˈzɜr vənt(adj.)

  1. quick to notice or perceive; alert.

  2. looking at, watching, or regarding attentively.

  3. careful in the observing of a law, religious ritual, custom, or the like.

Origin of observant:

1425–75; late ME < MF, prp. of observer. See observe , -ant


Princeton's WordNet

  1. observant(adj)

    paying close attention especially to details

  2. observant, observing(adj)

    quick to notice; showing quick and keen perception

  3. law-abiding, observant(adj)

    (of individuals) adhering strictly to laws and rules and customs

    "law-abiding citizens"; "observant of the speed limit"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. observant(adjective)əbˈzɜr vənt

    always paying attention and noticing things around you

    An observant neighbor saw the fire first.

  2. observantəbˈzɜr vənt

    strictly following religious laws

    an observant Jew


  1. observant(Adjective)

    Alert and paying close attention.

    The too observant police officer noticed that my tax disk was out-of-date.

  2. observant(Adjective)

    Diligently attentive in observing a law, custom, duty or principle.

    I was normally observant of the local parking restrictions.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Observant(adj)

    taking notice; viewing or noticing attentively; watchful; attentive; as, an observant spectator; observant habits

  2. Observant(adj)

    submissively attentive; obediently watchful; regardful; mindful; obedient (to); -- with of, as, to be observant of rules

  3. Observant(noun)

    one who observes forms and rules

  4. Observant(noun)

    a sycophantic servant

  5. Observant(noun)

    an Observantine

Anagrams of observant

  1. bevatrons

Translations for observant

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


quick to notice

An observant boy remembered the car's registration number.

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