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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

o•boeˈoʊ boʊ(n.)

  1. a woodwind instrument having a slender conical, tubular body and a double-reed mouthpiece.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of oboe:

1690–1700; < It < F hautbois=haut high +bois wood; cf. hautboy


Princeton's WordNet

  1. oboe, hautboy, hautbois(noun)

    a slender double-reed instrument; a woodwind with a conical bore and a double-reed mouthpiece

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. oboe(noun)ˈoʊ boʊ

    a thin woodwind instrument


  1. oboe(Noun)

    A soprano and melody wind instrument in the modern orchestra and wind ensemble. It is a smaller instrument and generally made of grendilla wood. It is a member of the double reed family.

  2. Origin: An earlier form in English is hautboy, but the spelling oboe was adopted into English ca. 1770 from the oboè, a transliteration in that language's orthography of the 17th-century pronunciation of the word hautbois, a compound word made of haut and bois.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Oboe(noun)

    one of the higher wind instruments in the modern orchestra, yet of great antiquity, having a penetrating pastoral quality of tone, somewhat like the clarinet in form, but more slender, and sounded by means of a double reed; a hautboy


  1. Oboe

    The oboe is a soprano-ranged, double reed musical instrument of the woodwind family made from a wooden tube roughly 60 cm long, with metal keys, a conical bore and flared bell. Sound is produced by blowing into the reed and vibrating a column of air. The distinctive oboe tone is versatile, and has been described as "bright". In English, prior to 1770, the instrument was called the hautbois, hoboy or French hoboy. The spelling "oboe" was adopted into English c. 1770 from the Italian oboè, a transliteration in that language's orthography of the 17th-century pronunciation of the French name. A musician who plays the oboe is called an oboist.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Oboe

    a treble-sounding musical instrument of the reed class, to which the bassoon is reckoned the bass.

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a type of high-pitched woodwind musical instrument.

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