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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

noc•tur•nalnɒkˈtɜr nl(adj.)

  1. of or pertaining to the night.

  2. done, occurring, or coming at night.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Animal Behavior

  3. active at night

    nocturnal animals.

    Category: Animal Behavior

    Ref: (opposed to diurnal 9 )

  4. opening by night and closing by day, as certain flowers.

    Category: Botany


Princeton's WordNet

  1. nocturnal(adj)

    belonging to or active during the night

    "nocturnal animals are active at night"; "nocturnal plants have flowers that open at night and close by day"

  2. nocturnal(adj)

    of or relating to or occurring in the night

    "nocturnal darkness"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. nocturnal(adjective)ɒkˈtɜr nl

    (of an animal) awake at night

    nocturnal creatures such as moths


  1. nocturnal(Adjective)

    Primarily active during the night.

  2. nocturnal(Adjective)

    Taking place at night.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nocturnal(adj)

    of, pertaining to, done or occuring in, the night; as, nocturnal darkness, cries, expedition, etc.; -- opposed to diurnal

  2. Nocturnal(adj)

    having a habit of seeking food or moving about at night; as, nocturnal birds and insects

  3. Nocturnal(noun)

    an instrument formerly used for taking the altitude of the stars, etc., at sea


  1. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal is the debut album from hip hop duo Heltah Skeltah, consisting of members Rock and Ruck, members of Brooklyn supergroup Boot Camp Clik. It was the first BCC album to feature some outside producers, such as Shawn J. Period and E-Swift.

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active at night

The owl is a nocturnal bird.

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