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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Nich•o•lasˈnɪk ə ləs, ˈnɪk ləs(n.)

  1. of Cusa, 1401–1464, German cardinal, mathematician, and philosopher.

    Category: Biography

  2. Saint, fl. 4th century a .d ., bishop in Asia Minor: patron saint of Russia; protector of children and prototype of Santa Claus.

    Category: Biography

Nich•o•lasˈnɪk ə ləs, ˈnɪk ləs(n.)

  1. Nicholas I, 1796–1855, czar of Russia 1825–55.

    Category: Biography

  2. Nicholas II,1868–1918, czar of Russia 1894–1917: executed 1918.

    Category: Biography

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Nicholas, Saint Nicholas, St. Nicholas(noun)

    a bishop in Asia Minor who is associated with Santa Claus (4th century)


  1. Nicholas(ProperNoun)

    . Best known for a legendary St. Nicholas, associated with Father Christmas.

  2. Origin: From Νικόλαος, from νικάω + λαός

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Nicholas

    the name of five Popes: N. I., St., surnamed the Great, Pope from 858 to 867, asserted the supremacy of the papal see, Festival, Nov. 13; N. II., Pope from 1058 to 1061; N. III., Pope from 1277 to 1280; N. IV., Pope from 1288 to 1292; N. V., Pope from 1447 to 1456, after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks, took the exiled Greek scholars under his protection, fostered the learning of the East, and laid the foundation of the Vatican Library by the collection of over 5000 Greek and Latin MSS.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'nicholas' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3838


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