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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

nas•tur•tiumnəˈstɜr ʃəm, næ-(n.)(pl.)-tiums.

  1. any garden plant of the genus Tropaeolum and family Tropaeolaceae, having shield-shaped leaves and bright, irregular flowers.

    Category: Plants

Origin of nasturtium:

1560–70; < L nāsturtium, nāsturcium a kind of cress

Princeton's WordNet

  1. nasturtium(noun)

    any tropical American plant of the genus Tropaeolum having pungent juice and long-spurred yellow to red flowers

  2. Nasturtium, genus Nasturtium(noun)

    aquatic herbs

  3. nasturtium(noun)

    flowers and seeds and leaves all used as flavorings


  1. nasturtium(Noun)

    The popular name of the Tropaeolum genus of flowering plants native to south and central America.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Nasturtium(noun)

    a genus of cruciferous plants, having white or yellowish flowers, including several species of cress. They are found chiefly in wet or damp grounds, and have a pungent biting taste

  2. Nasturtium(noun)

    any plant of the genus Tropaeolum, geraniaceous herbs, having mostly climbing stems, peltate leaves, and spurred flowers, and including the common Indian cress (Tropaeolum majus), the canary-bird flower (T. peregrinum), and about thirty more species, all natives of South America. The whole plant has a warm pungent flavor, and the fleshy fruits are used as a substitute for capers, while the leaves and flowers are sometimes used in salads

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Nasturtium

    A plant genus of the family BRASSICACEAE. Nasturtium is also used as a common name for TROPAEOLUM. The common name of watercress is also used for RORIPPA & TROPAEOLUM. This is the most popular of the edible cresses, is a hardy creeping perennial plant, native to Europe but extensively naturalized elsewhere in moist places.

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