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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

mush•yˈmʌʃ i, ˈmʊʃ i(adj.)mush•i•er, mush•i•est.

  1. resembling mush; pulpy.

  2. overly emotional or sentimental:

    mushy love letters.

    Category: Informal

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mushy(adj)

    having the consistency of mush

  2. bathetic, drippy, hokey, maudlin, mawkish, kitschy, mushy, schmaltzy, schmalzy, sentimental, soppy, soupy, slushy(adj)

    effusively or insincerely emotional

    "a bathetic novel"; "maudlin expressions of sympathy"; "mushy effusiveness"; "a schmaltzy song"; "sentimental soap operas"; "slushy poetry"


  1. mushy(Adjective)

    resembling or having the consistency of mush; semi-liquid, pasty, or granular

    I don't especially like mushy oatmeal.

  2. mushy(Adjective)

    soft; squishy

    The brake pedal is mushy sometimes when I step on it.

  3. mushy(Adjective)

    overly sappy, corny, or cheesy

    Skip the mushy, romantic scenes and get to the action.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mushy(adj)

    soft like mush; figuratively, good-naturedly weak and effusive; weakly sentimental

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