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  1. Munsee(ProperNoun)

    An endangered Eastern Algonquian language, one of the two Delaware languages, spoken aboriginally in the vicinity of what is now New York City.


  1. Munsee language

    Munsee is an endangered language of the Eastern Algonquian subgroup of the Algonquian language family, itself a branch of the Algic language family. Munsee is one of the two Delaware languages. It is very closely related to the extinct Unami Delaware, but the two are sufficiently different that they are considered separate languages. Munsee was spoken aboriginally in the vicinity of the modern New York City area in the United States, including western Long Island, Manhattan Island, Staten Island, as well as adjacent areas on the mainland: southeastern New York State, the northern third of New Jersey, and northeastern Pennsylvania. As of 2009, Munsee was spoken only on the Moraviantown Reserve in Ontario, Canada, by no more than seven or eight elderly individuals, the youngest of which was 61 in 2002. However, there has been interest in learning the language by younger individuals.


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