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Princeton's WordNet

  1. clutter, jumble, muddle, fuddle, mare's nest, welter, smother(noun)

    a confused multitude of things

  2. fix, hole, jam, mess, muddle, pickle, kettle of fish(verb)

    informal terms for a difficult situation

    "he got into a terrible fix"; "he made a muddle of his marriage"

  3. muddle, puddle(verb)

    make into a puddle

    "puddled mire"

  4. addle, muddle, puddle(verb)

    mix up or confuse

    "He muddled the issues"


  1. muddle(Noun)

    A mixture; a confusion; a garble.

    The muddle of nervous speech he uttered did not have much meaning.

  2. muddle(Verb)

    To mix together, to mix up; to confuse.

    The tiny speakers tend to muddle the words.

  3. muddle(Verb)

    To mash slightly for use in a cocktail.

    He muddled the mint sprigs in the bottom of the glass.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Muddle(verb)

    to make turbid, or muddy, as water

  2. Muddle(verb)

    to cloud or stupefy; to render stupid with liquor; to intoxicate partially

  3. Muddle(verb)

    to waste or misuse, as one does who is stupid or intoxicated

  4. Muddle(verb)

    to mix confusedly; to confuse; to make a mess of; as, to muddle matters; also, to perplex; to mystify

  5. Muddle(verb)

    to dabble in mud

  6. Muddle(verb)

    to think and act in a confused, aimless way

  7. Muddle(noun)

    a state of being turbid or confused; hence, intellectual cloudiness or dullness

  8. Origin: [From Mud.]

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Translations for muddle

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • Wirrwarr, verwirrenGerman
  • sekasotku, sotkea, sekoittaa, sotkuFinnish
  • confondre, mélangerFrench
  • cuir tro-chèileScottish Gaelic
  • konfuzeskarIdo
  • imbrogliare, impasticciare, guazzabuglio, casino, ingarbugliare, pastrocchio, pateracchio, pasticcio, intruglio, pastrocchiare, aggrovigliare, pasticciare, arruffareItalian
  • wirwar, verwarren, door mekaar mengen, warboelDutch
  • baralharPortuguese
  • încâlci, a face confuz, încurcaRomanian
  • röra, oreda, virrvarrSwedish

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