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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ma•cronˈmeɪ krɒn, ˈmæk rɒn(n.)

  1. a horizontal line over a vowel to show that it is long or has a specific pronunciation, as (ā) in fate (fāt).

    Category: Phonetics

  2. this symbol used in prosody to indicate a long or stressed syllable.

    Category: Prosody

Origin of macron:

1850–55; n. use of Gk makrón, neut. of makrós long

Princeton's WordNet

  1. macron(noun)

    a diacritical mark (-) placed above a vowel to indicate a long sound


  1. macron(Noun)

    A short, straight, horizontal diacritical mark (u00AF) placed over any of various letters. It usually is used to indicate that the pronunciation of the vowel is long, in Mandarin pinyin (Chinese), it indicates the first tone, e.g. chu016Bzu016Bchu0113.

  2. Origin: From the μακρόν, neuter form of μακρός (English macro-).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Macron(noun)

    a short, straight, horizontal mark [-], placed over vowels to denote that they are to be pronounced with a long sound; as, a, in dame; /, in s/am, etc


  1. Macron

    A macron, from the Greek μακρόν, meaning "long", is a diacritic placed above a vowel. It was originally used to mark a long or heavy syllable in Greco-Roman metrics, but now marks a long vowel. In the International Phonetic Alphabet the macron is used to indicate mid tone; the sign for a long vowel is a modified triangular colon ⟨⟩. The opposite is the breve ⟨˘⟩, which marks a short or light syllable or a short vowel.


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