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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Lu•si•ta•ni•aˌlu sɪˈteɪ ni ə(n.)

  1. an ancient region and Roman province in the Iberian Peninsula, corresponding generally to modern Portugal.

    Category: Geography (places)

Lu`si•ta′ni•an(adj.; n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Portuguese, Lusitanian(adj)

    of or relating to or characteristic of Portugal or the people of Portugal or their language

    "Portuguese wines"

  2. Lusitanian(adj)

    of or relating to or characteristic of the region of Lusitania or its people or language


  1. Lusitanian(Noun)

    A native or inhabitant of Lusitania.

  2. Lusitanian(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to ancient Roman province of Lusitania, its people or culture.

  3. Lusitanian(Adjective)


  4. Lusitanian(ProperNoun)

    an extinct paleo-Hispanic language

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lusitanian(adj)

    pertaining to Lusitania, the ancient name of the region almost coinciding with Portugal

  2. Lusitanian(noun)

    one of the people of Lusitania


  1. Lusitanian language

    Lusitanian was a Paleohispanic language that apparently belonged to the Indo-European family. There has been support for either a connection with the ancient Italic languages or Celtic languages. It is known from only five sizeable inscriptions, dated from circa 1 CE, and numerous names of places and of gods. The language was spoken in the territory inhabited by Lusitanian tribes, from Douro to the Tagus rivers, territory that nowadays belongs mainly to Portugal, but also to Spain.


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