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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lushlʌʃ(adj.)-er, -est.

  1. (of vegetation) growing abundantly; luxuriant.

    Category: Botany

  2. succulent; tender and juicy.

    Category: Botany

  3. characterized by luxuriant vegetation:

    a lush valley.

    Category: Botany

  4. characterized by abundance, luxuriousness, opulence, etc.:

    the lush surroundings of an estate.

Origin of lush:

1400–50; late ME lusch slack



  1. a drunkard.

    Category: Status (usage)

* Slang..

Origin of lush:

1780–90; orig. uncert.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. alcoholic, alky, dipsomaniac, boozer, lush, soaker, souse(adj)

    a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

  2. exuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous(adj)

    produced or growing in extreme abundance

    "their riotous blooming"

  3. lavish, lucullan, lush, plush, plushy(adj)

    characterized by extravagance and profusion

    "a lavish buffet"; "a lucullan feast"

  4. lush, succulent(adj)

    full of juice

    "lush fruits"; "succulent roast beef"; "succulent plants with thick fleshy leaves"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. lush(adjective)ʌʃ

    green and full of plants

    the lush scenery of the tropical island


  1. lush(Noun)

    drunkard, sot, alcoholic

  2. lush(Noun)

    intoxicating liquor

  3. lush(Verb)

    To drink liquor to excess.

  4. lush(Verb)

    To drink (liquor) to excess.

  5. Origin: From lusch, from *, from laskaz, from las-. Akin to lysu, lasch, erleswen, lǫskr, 033B03300343033903450343, las, lasich, lusch. Related to lusk. More at lishey, lazy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lush(adj)

    full of juice or succulence


  1. Lush

    Lush were an English alternative rock band, formed in 1987 and disbanded in 1998. They were one of the first bands to attract the "shoegazing" label. Later, their sound progressed toward Britpop.

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green and fertile

lush meadows.

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