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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lurker, skulker, lurcher(noun)

    someone waiting in concealment


  1. Lurcher(n.)

    One that lurches or lies in wait; one who watches to pilfer, or to betray or entrap; one who lurks; a lurker; a poacher.

  2. Origin: [See Lurch to lurk.]


  1. lurcher(Noun)

    A type of crossbreed dog u2015 a cross between a sighthound and any other breed or the offspring of such crosses.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lurcher(noun)

    one that lurches or lies in wait; one who watches to pilfer, or to betray or entrap; a poacher

  2. Lurcher(noun)

    one of a mongrel breed of dogs said to have been a cross between the sheep dog, greyhound, and spaniel. It hunts game silently, by scent, and is often used by poachers

  3. Lurcher(noun)

    a glutton; a gormandizer

  4. Origin: [See Lurch to lurk.]


  1. Lurcher

    The lurcher is a type of dog originating in Ireland and parts of Great Britain. Brian Plummer identifies the Norfolk Lurcher as the predecessor of the modern lurcher. While not a pure breed, it is generally a cross between a sighthound and any other breed, usually a pastoral dog or terrier, dependent on the attributes desired by the breeder; originally stealth and cunning. Collie crosses are popular, given the working instinct of a sheepdog when mated with a sighthound gives a dog of great intelligence plus speed - prerequisites for the hunter/poacher. In the USA midwest, crosses with large scent hounds are fairly common.


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