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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lin•e•arˈlɪn i ər(adj.)

  1. of, consisting of, or using lines:

    linear design.

  2. pertaining to or represented by lines:

    linear dimensions.

  3. extended or arranged in a line:

    a linear series.

  4. involving measurement in one dimension only.

    Category: Weights and Measures

  5. of or pertaining to the characteristics of a work of art defined chiefly in terms of line.

    Category: Fine Arts

  6. having the form of or resembling a line:

    linear nebulae.

  7. Math. consisting of, involving, or describable by terms of the first degree. having the same effect on a sum as on each of the summands:

    a linear operation.

    Category: Math

  8. narrow and elongated.

    Category: Botany

Origin of linear:

1635–45; < L līneāris; see line1, -ar1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. linear, additive(adj)

    designating or involving an equation whose terms are of the first degree

  2. linear, one-dimensional(adj)

    of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension

    "a linear measurement"

  3. analogue, analog, linear(adj)

    of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input

    "analogue device"; "linear amplifier"

  4. linear, elongate(adj)

    (of a leaf shape) long and narrow

  5. linear, running(a)(adj)

    measured lengthwise

    "cost of lumber per running foot"


  1. linear(Adjective)

    Having the form of a line; straight.

  2. linear(Adjective)

    Of or relating to lines.

  3. linear(Adjective)

    Made in a step-by-step, logical manner.

  4. linear(Adjective)

    Long and narrow, with nearly parallel sides.

  5. linear(Adjective)

    Of or relating to a class of polynomial of the form .

  6. linear(Adjective)

    A type of length measurement involving only one spatial dimension .

  7. Linear(ProperNoun)

    A comet, cataloged as C/1999 S4, discovered on September 27, 1999, by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research program in New Mexico. (See ) Sometimes spelled LINEAR.

  8. Origin: From linearis, from linea + -aris (adjectival suffix).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Linear(adj)

    of or pertaining to a line; consisting of lines; in a straight direction; lineal

  2. Linear(adj)

    like a line; narrow; of the same breadth throughout, except at the extremities; as, a linear leaf


  1. Linearity

    In common usage, linearity refers to a mathematical relationship or function that can be graphically represented as a straight line, as in two quantities that are directly proportional to each other, such as voltage and current in a simple DC circuit, or the mass and weight of an object.

British National Corpus

  1. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'linear' in Adjectives Frequency: #839

Anagrams of linear

  1. aliner, Arline, lanier, larine, nailer, renail

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


of, consisting of or like a line or lines.

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