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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

La•od•i•ce•aleɪˌɒd əˈsi ə, ˌleɪ ə də-(n.)

  1. Category: Geography (places)

    Ref: ancient name of Latakia


  1. Laodicea

    Laodicea; also transliterated as Laodikeia or Laodiceia was a Hellenistic city in Mesopotamia. Pliny places Laodicea along with Seleucia and Artemita. Laodicea's precise location is unknown, but it is in modern-day Iraq.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Laodicea

    . Eight ancient cities bore this name; the chief, situated on the Lycus, in Phrygia, lay on the way between Ionia and the Euphrates; was a city of great commerce and wealth, the seat of schools of art, science, medicine, and philosophy, and of an early Christian bishopric; though the Church was stigmatised in the Revelation, two councils assembled here in A.D. 363 and 476, the former of which influenced the determination of the canon of both Testaments; the city, destroyed by the Mohammedan invasions, is now in ruins.

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  • ΛαοδικείαςGreek


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