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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lance•woodˈlænsˌwʊd, ˈlɑns-(n.)

  1. the tough, elastic wood of any of various trees, esp. Oxandra lanceolata, of tropical America, used esp. for fishing rods and arrow shafts and bows.

    Category: Plants

  2. a tree that yields this wood.

    Category: Plants

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lancewood(noun)

    durable straight-grained wood of the lacewood tree; used for building and cabinetwork and tools

  2. lancewood, lancewood tree, Oxandra lanceolata(noun)

    source of most of the lancewood of commerce


  1. lancewood(Noun)

    A tough, elastic and heavy wood obtained from the West Indies and Guiana, formerly much used for carriage shafts.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lancewood(noun)

    a tough, elastic wood, often used for the shafts of gigs, archery bows, fishing rods, and the like. Also, the tree which produces this wood, Duguetia Quitarensis (a native of Guiana and Cuba), and several other trees of the same family (Anonaseae)


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