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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

la•bi•umˈleɪ bi əm; -bi ə(n.)(pl.)-bi•a

  1. a lip or liplike structure or part.

    Category: Anatomy

  2. any of the folds of skin bordering the vulva.

    Category: Anatomy

  3. the lower petal of a labiate flower.

    Category: Botany

  4. the lower or rearmost unpaired mouthpart of an insect or other arthropod.

    Category: Zoology

Origin of labium:

1590–1600; < L: lip

Princeton's WordNet

  1. labium(noun)

    a liplike structure that bounds a bodily orifice (especially any of the four labiate folds of a woman's vulva)


  1. labium(Noun)

    A liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin either side of the vulva.

  2. labium(Noun)

    The lip of a labiate corolla.

  3. Origin: From labium.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Labium(noun)

    a lip, or liplike organ

  2. Labium(noun)

    the lip of an organ pipe

  3. Labium(noun)

    the folds of integument at the opening of the vulva

  4. Labium(noun)

    the organ of insects which covers the mouth beneath, and serves as an under lip. It consists of the second pair of maxillae, usually closely united in the middle line, but bearing a pair of palpi in most insects. It often consists of a thin anterior part (ligula or palpiger) and a firmer posterior plate (mentum)

  5. Labium(noun)

    inner margin of the aperture of a shell

Anagrams of labium

  1. Malibu, malibu

  2. Malibu


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