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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

kur•ra•jongˈkɜr əˌdʒɒŋ(n.)

  1. an Australian bottle tree, Brachychiton populneus, having showy yellowish-white, bell-shaped flowers, grown as an ornamental.

    Category: Plants

Origin of kurrajong:

1815–25; < Dharuk ga-ra-jun a fishing line, made from the bark of such trees

Princeton's WordNet

  1. kurrajong, currajong, Brachychiton populneus(noun)

    widely distributed tree of eastern Australia yielding a tough durable fiber and soft light attractively grained wood; foliage is an important emergency food for cattle


  1. kurrajong(Noun)

    Any of a number of species of tree or shrub in the genus Brachychiton.

  2. Origin: From garrajung, from the use made of the bark.


  1. Kurrajong

    The Kurrajong is a small to medium sized tree found naturally in Australia in a diversity of habitats from wetter coastal districts to semi-arid interiors of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The extended trunk is a water storage device for survival in a warm dry climate. The bell-shaped flowers are variable in colour while the leaves vary considerably in shape. The leaves are either simple and pointed, or may be 3 - 9 lobed. Saplings grow from a drought and fire resistant tap-rooted tuber. Kurrajong has multiple uses. Seeds are eaten by Aboriginal people after roasting. The soft spongy wood was used for making shields, and the bark as a fibre. The leaves are also used as emergency fodder for drought-affected animal stock. It has been introduced as an ornamental tree to south-western Australia, South Africa, Louisiana, California, Arizona and Mediterranean countries. In Western Australia it was observed to be invasive in disturbed areas. Horticulturists have hybridised the Kurrajong with related Brachychiton species, including the Queensland bottle tree and Illawarra Flame Tree to produce new garden ornamentals.


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