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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

knick•ers*ˈnɪk ərz(n.)

  1. loose-fitting short trousers gathered in at the knees.

    Category: Clothing

  2. Brit. women's underpants.

    Category: British, Clothing

Idioms for knickers:

  1. get one's knickers in a twist,Brit. Slang. to get flustered or agitated.

    Category: Idiom, British

* (used with a pl. v.).

Origin of knickers:

1880–85; shortened form of knickerbockers, pl. of knickerbocker, special use of Knickerbocker

Princeton's WordNet

  1. breeches, knee breeches, knee pants, knickerbockers, knickers(noun)

    trousers ending above the knee

  2. bloomers, pants, drawers, knickers(noun)

    underpants worn by women

    "she was afraid that her bloomers might have been showing"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. knickers(noun)ˈnɪk ərz



  1. knickers(Noun)


  2. knickers(Noun)

    Women's underpants.

  3. knickers(Interjection)

    A mild exclamation of annoyance.

  4. Origin: Short for knickerbockers.


  1. Panties

    Panties are a form of underwear designed to be worn by women and girls in the crotch area below the waist. Typical components include an elastic waistband, a crotch panel to cover the genital area, and a pair of leg openings which, like the waistband, are often made of elastic; materials are usually chosen to be breathable. While panties were originally designed to cover the entire lower half of the female torso, the modern version has either no legs or, in some cases, very short ones, and has become increasingly briefer over time. "Panties" is usually used to denote more than one "pair of panties", whilst "panty" is used in such derivatives as "panty liner" and "panty hose". The term is applied only to female underwear, with "underpants" often used as a term for the male counterpart.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

knickers(noun plural)

women's and girls' pants, especially if loose-fitting and gathered in at the thigh.

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