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  1. Kininogens

    Endogenous peptides present in most body fluids. Certain enzymes convert them to active KININS which are involved in inflammation, blood clotting, complement reactions, etc. Kininogens belong to the cystatin superfamily. They are cysteine proteinase inhibitors. HIGH-MOLECULAR-WEIGHT KININOGEN; (HMWK); is split by plasma kallikrein to produce BRADYKININ. LOW-MOLECULAR-WEIGHT KININOGEN; (LMWK); is split by tissue kallikrein to produce KALLIDIN.


  1. Kininogen

    Kininogens are proteins that are defined by their role as precursors for kinins, but that also can have additional roles. Kinins are biologically active peptides, the parent form is bradykinin. The two main kininogen types are: High-molecular-weight kininogen, which is produced mostly by the liver but is synthesized in endothelial cells and is present in platelets and neutrophils. It acts as a cofactor for prekallikrein, factor XI, and factor XII in the coagulation and inflammation systems. It has no intrinsic enzymatic activity. These high molecular weight kininogens are cleaved into bradykinin and kallidin by tissue and plasma kallikreins. Low-molecular-weight kininogen, which is produced locally by numerous tissues, and secreted together with tissue kallikrein. They are both spliced from the same precursor. A third type, T-kininogen, is found in rats but not humans. Closely related proteins include cystatin.


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