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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. (in bowling) the headpin. the pin at the center.

    Category: Sport

  2. Informal. a person or thing of chief importance.

  3. either of the pins that are a part of the mechanism for turning the front wheels in some automotive steering systems.

    Category: Automotive

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. kingpin, top banana, bigwig(noun)

    the most important person in a group or undertaking

  2. kingbolt, kingpin, swivel pin(noun)

    bolt that provides a steering joint in a motor vehicle

  3. headpin, kingpin(noun)

    the front bowling pin in the triangular arrangement of ten pins


  1. kingpin(Noun)

    The axis around which steered wheels pivot; a bolt that holds the axis in placeu2014a kingbolt.

  2. kingpin(Noun)

    The pin at the centre of the triangle of bowling pins (originally the tallest pin in kayles). Sometimes also the headpin at the apex.

  3. kingpin(Noun)

    The most important person in an undertaking or organization.

  4. kingpin(Noun)

    The bolt holding together the truck of a roller skate or skateboard.


  1. Kingpin

    The Kingpin is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe. Kingpin is one of the most feared and powerful crime lords in the Marvel Universe. The character is a major adversary of Daredevil, the Punisher, and Spider-Man. IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains Of All Time List ranked The Kingpin as #10. The name 'Kingpin' is a reference to the title crime boss in mafia slang nomenclature.

Anagrams of kingpin

  1. pink gin

  2. pinking


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