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  1. Khalkha, Khalka, Kalka(noun)

    the Mongol people living in the central and eastern parts of Outer Mongolia

  2. Khalkha, Khalka, Kalka(noun)

    the language of the Khalkha that is the official language of the Mongolian People's Republic


  1. Khalkha Mongols

    The Khalkha is the largest subgroup of Mongol people in Mongolia since the 15th century. The Khalkha, together with Chahars, Ordos and Tumed, were directly ruled by Borjigin khans until the 20th century; unlike the Oirats, who were ruled by Dzungar nobles, or the Khorchins, who were ruled by Qasar's descendants. There were originally two major Khalkha groups, each of which was ruled by the direct male line descendants of Dayan Khan. The Baarin, Khongirad, Jaruud, Baigut, and the O'zeed became Dayan Khan's fifth son Achibolod's subjects, thus formed the Southern Five Halhs. The Qaraei, Jalairs, Olkhonud, Khatagin, Besut, Iljigin, Gorlos, Uriankhai, Sartuul, Tanghut, Khotogoid, Khuree, and Tsookhor became Dayan Khan's youngest son Geresenje's subjects, thus formed the "Аглагийн арван гурван хүрээ Халх" or Thirteen Khalkhas of the Far North. There were also numerous direct descendants of Genghis Khan who had formed the ruling class of the Khalkha Mongols prior to the 20th century, but they were and still also regarded as Khalkha Mongols rather than belonging to a special unit. The Thirteen Khalkhas of the Far North are the major subethnic group of the independent state of Mongolia.


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