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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ka•onˈkeɪ ɒn(n.)

  1. a meson with strangeness +1 and either positive or zero electric charge, or its antiparticle with strangeness −1 and either negative or zero electric charge.

    Category: Physics

    Ref: Symbol: K 3 5; Also called K meson.

Origin of kaon:

1955–60; ka- (sp. of name of letter k) + (mes )on


Princeton's WordNet

  1. kaon, kappa-meson, k-meson, K particle(noun)

    an unstable meson produced as the result of a high-energy particle collision


  1. kaon(Noun)

    any of four unstable subatomic particles, mesons, they are a combination of a strange quark or antiquark and either an up or down quark or antiquark

  2. Origin: From contracted pronunciation of K-meson


  1. Kaon

    In particle physics, a kaon, also called a K meson and denoted K, is any of a group of four mesons distinguished by a quantum number called strangeness. In the quark model they are understood to be bound states of a strange quark and an up or down antiquark. Kaons have proved to be a copious source of information on the nature of fundamental interactions since their discovery in cosmic rays in 1947. They were essential in establishing the foundations of the Standard Model of particle physics, such as the quark model of hadrons and the theory of quark mixing. Kaons have played a distinguished role in our understanding of fundamental conservation laws: CP violation, a phenomenon generating the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe, was discovered in the kaon system in 1964. Moreover, direct CP violation was also discovered in the kaon decays in the early 2000s.

Anagrams of kaon

  1. koan

  2. NKAO


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