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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

jun•iorˈdʒun yər(adj.)

  1. younger (typically designating a son named after his father; often written as Jr. following the name):

    the junior Mr. Hansen; Edward Hansen, Jr.

  2. of more recent election, appointment, or admission:

    the junior Senator from Michigan.

  3. of lower rank or standing:

    a junior partner.

  4. of or pertaining to juniors in school or college.

    Category: Education

  5. of later date; subsequent to.

  6. composed of younger members:

    the junior division.

  7. being smaller than the usual size.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  8. (n.)a person who is younger than another.

  9. a person who is newer or of lower rank, as in a profession; subordinate.

  10. a student in the next to the last year at a high school, college, or university.

    Category: Education

  11. Often, juniors. a range of odd-numbered sizes, chiefly 3–15, for garments for women with short waists. a garment in this size range.

    Category: Clothing

  12. a boy; youth; son.

Origin of junior:

1520–30; < L jūnior younger

Princeton's WordNet

  1. junior(noun)

    term of address for a disrespectful and annoying male

    "look here, junior, it's none of your business"

  2. junior(noun)

    a third-year undergraduate

  3. junior(noun)

    the younger of two persons

    "she is two years my junior"

  4. Junior, Jr, Jnr(adj)

    a son who has the same first name as his father

  5. junior(adj)

    younger; lower in rank; shorter in length of tenure or service

  6. junior(a), third-year, next-to-last(adj)

    used of the third or next to final year in United States high school or college

    "the junior class"; "a third-year student"

  7. junior(adj)

    including or intended for youthful persons

    "a junior sports league"; "junior fashions"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. junior(adjective)ˈdʒun yər

    low in rank

    a junior officer

  2. juniorˈdʒun yər

    relating to sports done by young people, not adults

    a junior golf series

  3. juniorˈdʒun yər

    relating to the year before your final year in high school or college

    my junior year in college

  4. juniorˈdʒun yər

    used after the name of a man who has the same name as his father

    William Jackson Jr.

  5. junior(noun)ˈdʒun yər

    a student in the year before their final year in high school or college

    juniors in high school

  6. juniorˈdʒun yər

    in sports, players who are not adults

    a tennis tournament for juniors

  7. juniorˈdʒun yər

    students in a school for children between the ages of 7 and 11

    a new gymnasium for the juniors


  1. junior(Noun)

    A younger person.

    four years his junior

  2. junior(Noun)

    A third-year student at a high school or university.

  3. junior(Noun)

    A name suffix used after a son's name when his father has the same name. Abbreviation: Jr.

  4. junior(Adjective)


  5. junior(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to a third academic year in a four-year high school (eleventh grade) or university.

  6. junior(Adjective)

    Low in rank; having a subordinate role, job, or situation.

  7. Origin: From junior, contr. of juvenior, compar. of iuvenis; see juvenile.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Junior(adj)

    less advanced in age than another; younger

  2. Junior(adj)

    lower in standing or in rank; later in office; as, a junior partner; junior counsel; junior captain

  3. Junior(adj)

    composed of juniors, whether younger or a lower standing; as, the junior class; of or pertaining to juniors or to a junior class. See Junior, n., 2

  4. Junior(noun)

    belonging to a younger person, or an earlier time of life

  5. Junior(noun)

    a younger person

  6. Junior(noun)

    hence: One of a lower or later standing; specifically, in American colleges, one in the third year of his course, one in the fourth or final year being designated a senior; in some seminaries, one in the first year, in others, one in the second year, of a three years' course

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'junior' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3512

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'junior' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4465

  3. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'junior' in Adjectives Frequency: #474

Translations for junior

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(a person who is) younger in years or lower in rank or authority

He is two years my junior; The school sent two juniors and one senior to take part; junior pupils; He is junior to me in the firm; the junior school.

  • junior, jongere, mindereAfrikaans
  • شَخْص صَغير السِّن، تلميذ في المدرسة الأعداديَّهArabic
  • по-младBulgarian
  • mais novoPortuguese (BR)
  • mladší (sourozenec, žák, zaměstnanec)Czech
  • der/die Jüngere, der/die Untergeordnete;jüngerGerman
  • yngre; underordnetDanish
  • νεότερος, κατώτερος, υφιστάμενοςGreek
  • menorSpanish
  • nooremEstonian
  • فرد کوچکتر یا کهترFarsi
  • nuorempiFinnish
  • cadet, ette, subalterne, juniorFrench
  • תַּלמִיד בְּשָנָה שְלִישִיתHebrew
  • कनिष्ठ, छोटा, उम्र में छोटाHindi
  • mladac, mlađiCroatian
  • fiatalabb (mint); alsósHungarian
  • yang mudaIndonesian
  • ungur maður; nÿliði; yngri; unglinga-Icelandic
  • giovane; minore; subalterno; elementareItalian
  • 年下の (人)Japanese
  • 연하의 사람, 신참, 지위가 낮은 사람, 하급자, 후배Korean
  • jaunesnis, jaunesnysisLithuanian
  • jaunākais; pakļautais; padotais; juniorsLatvian
  • lebih mudaMalay
  • jonger, jongstDutch
  • yngre, junior-, av lavere rang; elev/student i nest siste skoleår; yngre eleverNorwegian
  • młod(sz)y, juniorPolish
  • فرد کوچکتر یا کهترPersian
  • كشر، وړوكى: وړوكىسړى ( په سن كې ) كشرسړى، په عمركوچنىPashto
  • mais novoPortuguese
  • junior; subaltern; cadetRomanian
  • младшийRussian
  • mladší (súrodenec, žiak, zamestnanec ap.)Slovak
  • mlajši; podrejenSlovenian
  • mlađi (po starosti ili hijerarhiji), student treće godineSerbian
  • [person somär] yngre; junior-, underordnadSwedish
  • คนที่อ่อนอาวุโสกว่าThai
  • yaşça küçük, daha genç; ast, kıdemsiz; ilkokulTurkish
  • 較年幼者(的),等級(或年資)較低者(的)Chinese (Trad.)
  • той, що молодшийUkrainian
  • عمر میں چھوٹاUrdu
  • thấp hơnVietnamese
  • 较年幼者(的),等级或年资较低者(的)Chinese (Simp.)

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