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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to cause to move by or as if by sudden rough jerks or bumps; shake up roughly.

  2. to knock sharply so as to move or dislodge; jar.

  3. to shock or startle.

  4. to bring to a specified state sharply or abruptly:

    to jolt someone into awareness.

  5. to interfere with, esp. in a rough manner.

  6. (v.i.)to move with a sharp jerk or a series of sharp jerks.

  7. (n.)a jolting movement or blow.

  8. a psychological shock.

  9. a sudden, unexpected setback.

  10. a bracing dose of something:

    a jolt of whiskey.

Origin of jolt:

1590–1600; b. jot to jolt and joll to bump, both now dial.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. jolt, jar, jounce, shock(noun)

    a sudden jarring impact

    "the door closed with a jolt"; "all the jars and jolts were smoothed out by the shock absorbers"

  2. jerk, jerking, jolt, saccade(verb)

    an abrupt spasmodic movement

  3. jolt, jar(verb)

    move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion

  4. jolt(verb)

    disturb (someone's) composure

    "The audience was jolted by the play"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. jolt(verb)ʤˈoʊlt

    to move or make move roughly; = jerk

    a bus jolting over mountain roads; The noise jolted him awake.; We stopped with a jolt.


  1. jolt(Noun)

    An act of jolting.

  2. jolt(Noun)

    A surprise or shock.

  3. jolt(Noun)

    A long prison sentence.

  4. jolt(Noun)

    A narcotic injection.

  5. jolt(Verb)

    To push or shake abruptly and roughly.

    The bus jolted its passengers.

  6. jolt(Verb)

    To knock sharply; to deal a blow to.

  7. jolt(Verb)

    To shock (someone) into taking action or being alert; as, to jolt someone out of complacency

  8. jolt(Verb)

    To shock emotionally.

    Her untimely death jolted us all.

  9. jolt(Verb)

    To shake; to move with a series of jerks.

    The bus jolted along the stony path.

  10. Origin: Maybe from jollen.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jolt(verb)

    to shake with short, abrupt risings and fallings, as a carriage moving on rough ground; as, the coach jolts

  2. Jolt(verb)

    to cause to shake with a sudden up and down motion, as in a carriage going over rough ground, or on a high-trotting horse; as, the horse jolts the rider; fast driving jolts the carriage and the passengers

  3. Jolt(noun)

    a sudden shock or jerk; a jolting motion, as in a carriage moving over rough ground


  1. Jolt

    Jolt is a fictional character, a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a member of the Thunderbolts and Young Allies.

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a sudden movement or shake

The car gave a jolt and started.

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