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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

jal•ou•sieˈdʒæl əˌsi(n.)

  1. a blind or shutter made with horizontal slats that can be adjusted to admit light and air but exclude rain and sun.

    Category: Building Trades, Architecture

  2. a window made of glass slats or louvers of a similar nature.

    Category: Building Trades, Architecture

Origin of jalousie:

1585–95; < F < It gelosiajealousy


Princeton's WordNet

  1. louvered window, jalousie(noun)

    a window with glass louvers

  2. jalousie(noun)

    a shutter made of angled slats


  1. jalousie(Noun)

    A component in a ventilation system.

  2. jalousie(Noun)

    Upward sloping window slats which form a blind or shutter, allowing light and air in but excluding rain and direct sun.

    u201CA small lofty room, with its window wide open, and the wooden jalousie-blinds closed, so that the dark night only showed in slight horizontal lines of black, alternating with their broad lines of stone colour.u201D uE000129535uE001 Dickens, Tale of Two Cities

  3. Origin: From zelotus, from zelus, from ζῆλος

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jalousie(noun)

    a Venetian or slatted inside window blind


  1. Jalousie window

    A jalousie window or louvre window is a window which consists of parallel glass, acrylic, or wooden louvers set in a frame. The louvers are locked together onto a track, so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison, to control airflow through the window. They are usually controlled by a crank mechanism. A patent for a louvered window was applied for in the US in 1900 and patented Nov. 26, 1901. Patent # 687705 by Joseph W. Walker, of Malden, Massachusetts. Jalousie windows allow ventilation through the entire window area and are therefore generally used to maximise cooling, natural ventilation. They are well suited to locations with mild-winter climates, and thus were very common on mid-20th-century homes in Florida, Hawaii, southern California, the deep South, and Latin America. They can remain open during heavy rains and keep most of the rain from entering through the windows. Old-style louvre windows do not achieve a good seal between panes so offer poor resistance to water penetration and drafts. It is also very hard to secure this design, as the slats are easily and silently removed.

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