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Definitions for invasiveɪnˈveɪ sɪv

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. invasive(adj)

    relating to a technique in which the body is entered by puncture or incision

  2. invasive(adj)

    marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue

    "invasive cancer cells"

  3. incursive, invading, invasive(adj)

    involving invasion or aggressive attack

    "invasive war"

  4. encroaching(a), invasive, trespassing(a)(adj)

    gradually intrusive without right or permission

    "we moved back from the encroaching tide"; "invasive tourists"; "trespassing hunters"


  1. invasive(Noun)

    An invasive organism, as, a plant or animal.

  2. invasive(Adjective)

    that invades a foreign country using military force

  3. invasive(Adjective)

    that invades a habitat to the detriment of native species

  4. invasive(Adjective)

    (of a carcinoma etc) that invades healthy tissue; (of a procedure) in which part of the body is entered

  5. invasive(Adjective)

    intruding on one's privacy, or trespassing

Webster Dictionary

  1. Invasive(adj)

    tending to invade; characterized by invasion; aggressive

  2. Origin: [LL. invasivus: cf. F. invasif. See Invade.]


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Mark Jaycox:

    Privacy advocates will be there to steadfastly oppose any privacy and invasive information sharing bills.

  2. Vishnumurthy Shushrutha Hedna:

    Instead of doing a million tests, we can do the ultrasound, this modality is a non-invasive, simple, cheap procedure which can save lives and can be done by anybody. It can help save thousands of lives.

  3. Alka Pradhan:

    They are still in freezing cells, they still have problems with food, and they are still being treated roughly or hit by the guards, recently, this past summer,( the detainees) had incredibly invasive genital searches.

  4. Stuart Pimm:

    There are parts of the world where invasive species have gone amok, and that tells us we need to be very careful not to bring in any more to do any more harm, we need to be better stewards so that we can share these wonderful animals with our children and grandchildren.

  5. Stuart Pimm:

    Other than just the sheer awful news that Australia has lost so many of its species is the fact that it's done it across areas that are very, very sparsely populated, it tells us that by being careless, particularly with invasive species, that we can do an extraordinary amount of environmental harm even in places where there aren't a lot of people.

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