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  1. infinitive(noun)

    the uninflected form of the verb

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  1. infinitive(Noun)

    The uninflected form of a verb. In English, this is usually formed with the verb stem preceded by 'to'. e.g. 'to sit'

  2. infinitive(Noun)

    A verbal noun formed from the infinitive of a verb

  3. infinitive(Adjective)

    Formed with the infinitive

  4. Origin: From Late Latin infinitivus, from infinitus

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  1. Infinitive(noun)

    unlimited; not bounded or restricted; undefined

  2. Infinitive(noun)

    an infinitive form of the verb; a verb in the infinitive mood; the infinitive mood

  3. Infinitive(adverb)

    in the manner of an infinitive mood

  4. Origin: [L. infinitivus: cf. F. infinitif. See Infinite.]

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  1. Infinitive

    Infinitive is a grammatical term used to refer to certain verb forms that exist in many languages. As with many linguistic concepts, there is not a single definition applicable to all languages. The word is derived from Late Latin infinitivus, a derivative of infinitus meaning "infinite". Infinitives are used mostly as non-finite verbs. In traditional descriptions of English, the infinitive is the basic dictionary form of a verb when used non-finitely, with or without the particle to. Thus to go is an infinitive, as is go in a sentence like "I must go there". The form without to is called the bare infinitive, and the form with to is called the full infinitive or to-infinitive. In many other languages the infinitive is a single word, often with a characteristic inflective ending, such as manger in French, portare in Latin, lieben in German, etc. However some languages do not have any forms identifiable as infinitives. Many Native American languages and some languages in Africa and Australia do not have direct equivalents to infinitives or verbal nouns; in their place they use finite verb forms in ordinary clauses or various special constructions.

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