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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•fe•ri•orɪnˈfɪər i ər(adj.)

  1. low or lower in station, rank, degree, or grade (often fol. by to).

  2. low or lower in place or position; closer to the bottom or base.

  3. of comparatively low grade; poor in quality; substandard.

  4. Bot. situated below some other organ. (of a calyx) inserted below the ovary. (of an ovary) having a superior calyx.

    Category: Botany

  5. Anat. (of an organ or part) lower in place or position; situated beneath another. being toward the feet.

    Category: Anatomy

    Ref: Compare superior (def. 9). 1 9

  6. Astron. (of a planet) having an orbit within that of the earth, as Mercury and Venus. (of a conjunction of an inferior planet) taking place between the sun and the earth.

    Category: Astronomy

  7. written or printed low on a line of text, as the “2” in H2O; subscript.

    Category: Printing

    Ref: Compare superior (def. 11). 1 10

  8. (n.)a person inferior to another or others, as in rank or merit.

  9. Category: Printing

    Ref: subscript. 3

Origin of inferior:

1400–50; late ME < L, der. of infer(us) lower


Princeton's WordNet

  1. inferior(noun)

    one of lesser rank or station or quality

  2. subscript, inferior(adj)

    a character or symbol set or printed or written beneath or slightly below and to the side of another character

  3. inferior(adj)

    of or characteristic of low rank or importance

  4. inferior(adj)

    of low or inferior quality

  5. subscript, inferior(adj)

    written or printed below and to one side of another character

  6. inferior(adj)

    having an orbit between the sun and the Earth's orbit

    "Mercury and Venus are inferior planets"

  7. inferior(adj)

    lower than a given reference point

    "inferior alveolar artery"

  8. deficient, inferior, substandard(adj)

    falling short of some prescribed norm

    "substandard housing"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. inferior(adjective)ɪnˈfɪər i ər

    ≠ superior

    of an inferior quality; He had a way of making her feel inferior.; the inferiority of the products


  1. inferior(Noun)

    a person of lower stature to another

    As you are my inferior, I can tell you to do anything I want.

  2. inferior(Adjective)

    of lower quality

    Anna had always felt inferior to her brother due to poor school grades.

  3. inferior(Adjective)

    of lower rank

  4. inferior(Adjective)

    located below

  5. inferior(Adjective)

    In botany, inside the flower stalk below the petals. Said of an ovary.

  6. Origin: Borrowed from inferior, the comparative of inferus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Inferior(adj)

    lower in place, rank, excellence, etc.; less important or valuable; subordinate; underneath; beneath

  2. Inferior(adj)

    poor or mediocre; as, an inferior quality of goods

  3. Inferior(adj)

    nearer the sun than the earth is; as, the inferior or interior planets; an inferior conjunction of Mercury or Venus

  4. Inferior(adj)

    below the horizon; as, the inferior part of a meridian

  5. Inferior(adj)

    situated below some other organ; -- said of a calyx when free from the ovary, and therefore below it, or of an ovary with an adherent and therefore inferior calyx

  6. Inferior(adj)

    on the side of a flower which is next the bract; anterior

  7. Inferior(adj)

    junior or subordinate in rank; as, an inferior officer

  8. Inferior(noun)

    a person lower in station, rank, intellect, etc., than another

Anagrams of inferior

  1. fire iron

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of poor, or poorer, quality etc

This carpet is inferior to that.

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