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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

im•per•son•alɪmˈpɜr sə nl(adj.)

  1. lacking reference to a particular person:

    an impersonal remark.

  2. devoid of human character or traits.

  3. lacking human emotion or warmth.

  4. (of a verb) having only third person singular forms and used without an expressed subject, as Latin pluit“it is raining,” or accompanied by an empty subject word, as the verb rain in (of a pronoun) indefinite, as French on“one.”

    It is raining.

    Category: Grammar

Origin of impersonal:

1510–20; < LL


Princeton's WordNet

  1. impersonal(adj)

    not relating to or responsive to individual persons

    "an impersonal corporation"; "an impersonal remark"

  2. impersonal, neutral(adj)

    having no personal preference

    "impersonal criticism"; "a neutral observer"


  1. impersonal(Adjective)

    not personal; not representing a person; not having personality

    An almighty but impersonal power, called Fate. uE00028044uE001Sir J. Stephen.

  2. impersonal(Adjective)

    Lacking warmth or emotion; cold.

    She sounded impersonal as she gave her report of the Nazi death camps.

  3. impersonal(Adjective)

    not having a subject, or having a third person pronoun without an antecedent

    The verb u201Crainu201D is impersonal in sentences like u201CItu2019s raining.u201D

  4. Origin: From French impersonnel, from Latin impersonalis, from Latin im- + personalis

Webster Dictionary

  1. Impersonal(adj)

    not personal; not representing a person; not having personality

  2. Impersonal(noun)

    that which wants personality; specifically (Gram.), an impersonal verb

Anagrams of impersonal

  1. mailperson, prolamines

  2. Mailperson

  3. Prolamines

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