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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

im•par•tial*ɪmˈpɑr ʃəl(adj.)

  1. not partial or biased; fair; just:

    an impartial judge.

* Syn: See fair1.

Origin of impartial:




Princeton's WordNet

  1. impartial(adj)

    showing lack of favoritism

    "the cold neutrality of an impartial judge"

  2. unprejudiced, impartial(adj)

    free from undue bias or preconceived opinions

    "an unprejudiced appraisal of the pros and cons"; "the impartial eye of a scientist"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. impartial(adjective)ɪmˈpɑr ʃəl

    ≠ partial, biased

    impartial news coverage


  1. impartial(Adjective)

    Treating all parties, rivals, or disputants equally; not partial; not biased; fair.

  2. Origin: From im- + partial

Webster Dictionary

  1. Impartial(adj)

    not partial; not favoring one more than another; treating all alike; unprejudiced; unbiased; disinterested; equitable; fair; just

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not favouring one person etc more than another

an impartial judge.

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