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  1. high(noun)

    a lofty level or position or degree

    "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"

  2. high(noun)

    an air mass of higher than normal pressure

    "the east coast benefits from a Bermuda high"

  3. high(noun)

    a state of sustained elation

    "I'm on a permanent high these days"

  4. high(noun)

    a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics

    "they took drugs to get a high on"

  5. high, heights(noun)

    a high place

    "they stood on high and observed the countryside"; "he doesn't like heights"

  6. senior high school, senior high, high, highschool, high school(noun)

    a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12

    "he goes to the neighborhood highschool"

  7. high gear, high(adj)

    a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed

  8. high(adj)

    greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount

    "a high temperature"; "a high price"; "the high point of his career"; "high risks"; "has high hopes"; "the river is high"; "he has a high opinion of himself"

  9. high(adj)

    (literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high')

    "a high mountain"; "high ceilings"; "high buildings"; "a high forehead"; "a high incline"; "a foot high"

  10. eminent, high(adj)

    standing above others in quality or position

    "people in high places"; "the high priest"; "eminent members of the community"

  11. high, high-pitched(adj)

    used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency

  12. high, in high spirits(adj)

    happy and excited and energetic

  13. gamey, gamy, high(adj)

    (used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

  14. high, mellow(adverb)

    slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)

  15. high, high up(adverb)

    at a great altitude

    "he climbed high on the ladder"

  16. high(adverb)

    in or to a high position, amount, or degree

    "prices have gone up far too high"

  17. high, richly, luxuriously(adverb)

    in a rich manner

    "he lives high"

  18. high(adverb)

    far up toward the source

    "he lives high up the river"

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  1. High(verb)

    to hie

  2. High

    elevated above any starting point of measurement, as a line, or surface; having altitude; lifted up; raised or extended in the direction of the zenith; lofty; tall; as, a high mountain, tower, tree; the sun is high

  3. High

    regarded as raised up or elevated; distinguished; remarkable; conspicuous; superior; -- used indefinitely or relatively, and often in figurative senses, which are understood from the connection

  4. High

    elevated in character or quality, whether moral or intellectual; preeminent; honorable; as, high aims, or motives

  5. High

    exalted in social standing or general estimation, or in rank, reputation, office, and the like; dignified; as, she was welcomed in the highest circles

  6. High

    of noble birth; illustrious; as, of high family

  7. High

    of great strength, force, importance, and the like; strong; mighty; powerful; violent; sometimes, triumphant; victorious; majestic, etc.; as, a high wind; high passions

  8. High

    very abstract; difficult to comprehend or surmount; grand; noble

  9. High

    costly; dear in price; extravagant; as, to hold goods at a high price

  10. High

    arrogant; lofty; boastful; proud; ostentatious; -- used in a bad sense

  11. High

    possessing a characteristic quality in a supreme or superior degree; as, high (i. e., intense) heat; high (i. e., full or quite) noon; high (i. e., rich or spicy) seasoning; high (i. e., complete) pleasure; high (i. e., deep or vivid) color; high (i. e., extensive, thorough) scholarship, etc

  12. High

    strong-scented; slightly tainted; as, epicures do not cook game before it is high

  13. High

    acute or sharp; -- opposed to grave or low; as, a high note

  14. High

    made with a high position of some part of the tongue in relation to the palate, as / (/ve), / (f/d). See Guide to Pronunciation, // 10, 11

  15. High(adverb)

    in a high manner; in a high place; to a great altitude; to a great degree; largely; in a superior manner; eminently; powerfully

  16. High(noun)

    an elevated place; a superior region; a height; the sky; heaven

  17. High(noun)

    people of rank or high station; as, high and low

  18. High(noun)

    the highest card dealt or drawn

  19. High(verb)

    to rise; as, the sun higheth

  20. Origin: [See Hie.]

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  1. High

    "High" is the second pop single written by British duo Lighthouse Family for their second album Postcards from Heaven. The song was produced by Mike Peden. It was released in January 1998 and reached No. 1 in Australia as well as being in the top 10 in Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Europe. "High" is the most successful single released by the Lighthouse Family so far, having reached the top 10 in many countries.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'high' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #220

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'high' in Written Corpus Frequency: #484

  3. Adverbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'high' in Adverbs Frequency: #415

  4. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'high' in Adjectives Frequency: #6

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