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  1. hearing(noun)

    (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence

  2. hearing, audience(noun)

    an opportunity to state your case and be heard

    "they condemned him without a hearing"; "he saw that he had lost his audience"

  3. earshot, earreach, hearing(noun)

    the range within which a voice can be heard

    "the children were told to stay within earshot"

  4. listening, hearing(noun)

    the act of hearing attentively

    "you can learn a lot by just listening"; "they make good music--you should give them a hearing"

  5. hearing(noun)

    a session (of a committee or grand jury) in which witnesses are called and testimony is taken

    "the investigative committee will hold hearings in Chicago"

  6. hearing, audition, auditory sense, sense of hearing, auditory modality(adj)

    the ability to hear; the auditory faculty

    "his hearing was impaired"

  7. hearing(a)(adj)

    able to perceive sound

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  1. hearing(Noun)

    The sense used to perceive sound.

    My hearing isn't what it used to be, but I still heard that noise.

  2. hearing(Noun)

    A proceeding at which discussions are heard.

    There will be a public hearing to discuss the new traffic light.

  3. hearing(Noun)

    A legal procedure done before a judge, without a jury, as with an evidentiary hearing.

  4. hearing(Adjective)

    Able to hear.

    Deaf people often must deal with hearing people.

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  1. Hearing

    of Hear

  2. Hearing(noun)

    the act or power of perceiving sound; perception of sound; the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived; as, my hearing is good

  3. Hearing(noun)

    attention to what is delivered; opportunity to be heard; audience; as, I could not obtain a hearing

  4. Hearing(noun)

    a listening to facts and evidence, for the sake of adjudication; a session of a court for considering proofs and determining issues

  5. Hearing(noun)

    extent within which sound may be heard; sound; earshot

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  1. Hearing

    Hearing, auditory perception, or audition is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations, changes in the pressure of the surrounding medium through time, through an organ such as the ear. Sound may be heard through solid, liquid, or gaseous matter. It is one of the traditional five senses. The inability to hear is called deafness. In humans and other vertebrates, hearing is performed primarily by the auditory system: vibrations are detected by the ear and transduced into nerve impulses that are perceived by the brain. Like touch, audition requires sensitivity to the movement of molecules in the world outside the organism. Both hearing and touch are types of mechanosensation.

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  1. Hearing

    The ability or act of sensing and transducing ACOUSTIC STIMULATION to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It is also called audition.

British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'hearing' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3271

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    Rank popularity for the word 'hearing' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3389

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'hearing' in Nouns Frequency: #1273

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