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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

harm•fulˈhɑrm fəl(adj.)

  1. causing or capable of causing harm; injurious.

Origin of harmful:

bef. 1000


Princeton's WordNet

  1. harmful(adj)

    causing or capable of causing harm

    "too much sun is harmful to the skin"; "harmful effects of smoking"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. harmful(adjective)ˈhɑrm fəl

    likely to cause harm

    harmful chemicals; pollution that is harmful to the environment


  1. harmful(Adjective)

    of a kind likely to be damaging; injurious

    Wear a hat to protect your skin from harmful sunlight.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Harmful(adj)

    full of harm; injurious; hurtful; mischievous


  1. Harmful

    Harmful is a rock band from Frankfurt, Germany, founded in 1992 and frequently compared to early Helmet and more occasionally to Blackmail. The band has released eight albums to date, the first two and last three on independent labels, the third and fourth via BMG. 2007 saw the release of Harmful's seventh album, aptly titled 7, produced by Billy Gould, former member of Faith No More. Gould has subsequently joined the band as a fourth member and also took part in the tour supporting the album in early 2007. In the past, Harmful has toured with bands like Slayer, Machine Head, Clutch, Paradise Lost, Therapy?, LaFaro and Helmet.

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doing harm

Medicines can be harmful if you take too much of them.

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