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  1. handcuffs(noun)ˈændkˌʌfs

    two connected metal rings used to fasten prisoners' wrists


  1. handcuffs(Noun)

    A fastening consisting of two metal rings, designed to go around a person's wrists, and connected by a chain or hinge.


  1. Handcuffs

    Handcuffs are restraint devices designed to secure an individual's wrists close together. They comprise two parts, linked together by a chain, a hinge, or rigid bar. Each half has a rotating arm which engages with a ratchet that prevents it from being opened once closed around a person's wrist. Without the key, the handcuffs cannot be removed and so the handcuffed person is unable to move his or her wrists more than a few centimetres/inches apart, making many tasks difficult or impossible. This is usually done to prevent suspected criminals from escaping police custody.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

handcuffs(noun plural)

steel rings, joined by a short chain, put round the wrists of prisoners

a pair of handcuffs.

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