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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

hal•o•phileˈhæl əˌfaɪl(n.)

  1. an organism that requires a salt-rich environment.

    Category: Ecology

Origin of halophile:


hal`o•phil′ic-ˈfɪl ɪk; hæˈlɒf ə ləs(adj.)ha•loph•i•lous

Princeton's WordNet

  1. halophile, halophil(noun)

    archaebacteria requiring a salt-rich environment for growth and survival


  1. halophile(Noun)

    an organism that lives and thrives in an environment of high salinity, often requiring such an environment; a form of extremophile


  1. Halophile

    Halophiles are organisms that live in high salt concentrations. They are a type of extremophile organism. The name comes from the Greek word for "salt-loving". While most halophiles are classified into the Archaea domain, there are also bacterial halophiles and some eukaryota, such as the alga Dunaliella salina. Some well-known species give off a red color from carotenoid compounds, notably bacteriorhodopsin. Halophiles can be found anywhere with a concentration of salt five times greater than the salt concentration of the ocean, such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Owens Lake in California, the Dead Sea, and in evaporation ponds.


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