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Princeton's WordNet

  1. halloo(verb)

    a shout to attract attention

    "he gave a great halloo but no one heard him"

  2. halloo(verb)

    urge on with shouts

    "halloo the dogs in a hunt"

  3. halloo(verb)

    shout `halloo', as when greeting someone or attracting attention


  1. halloo(Noun)

    A shout of halloo

  2. halloo(Verb)

    To shout halloo

  3. halloo(Interjection)

    Used to greet someone, or to catch their attention

  4. halloo(Interjection)

    Used in hunting to urge on the pursuers

Webster Dictionary

  1. Halloo(noun)

    a loud exclamation; a call to invite attention or to incite a person or an animal; a shout

  2. Halloo(verb)

    to cry out; to exclaim with a loud voice; to call to a person, as by the word halloo

  3. Halloo(verb)

    to encourage with shouts

  4. Halloo(verb)

    to chase with shouts or outcries

  5. Halloo(verb)

    to call or shout to; to hail

  6. Halloo(noun)

    an exclamation to call attention or to encourage one

  7. Origin: [Perh. fr. ah + lo; cf. AS. eal, G. halloh, F. haler to set (a dog) on. Cf. Hollo, interj.]


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