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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. the solid surface of the earth; firm or dry land.

  2. earth or soil:

    stony ground.

  3. land having an indicated character:

    rising ground.

  4. Often, grounds. a tract of land appropriated to a special use:

    picnic grounds; a hunting ground.

  5. Often, grounds. the foundation or basis on which a belief or action rests; reason or cause:

    grounds for dismissal.

  6. subject for discussion; topic:

    to go repeatedly over the same ground.

  7. rational or factual support for one's position or attitude, as in a debate or argument:

    on firm ground.

  8. the main surface or background in painting, decorative work, lace, etc.

  9. the background in a visual field, contrasted with the figure.

    Category: Psychology

  10. a coating of a substance serving as a surface to be worked on, as in painting or etching.

    Category: Fine Arts

  11. grounds, dregs or sediment:

    coffee grounds.

  12. grounds, the gardens, lawn, etc., surrounding and belonging to a building.

  13. a conducting connection between an electric circuit or equipment and the earth or some other conducting body.

    Category: Electricity and Magnetism

  14. the bottom of a body of water.

    Category: Navy

  15. the earth's solid or liquid surface; land or water.

  16. Category: Music and Dance

    Ref: ground bass.

  17. (adj.)situated on, at, or near the surface of the earth:

    a ground attack.

  18. pertaining to the ground.

  19. operating on land:

    ground forces.

    Category: Military

  20. (v.t.)to lay or set on the ground.

  21. to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found.

  22. to instruct in elements or first principles:

    to ground students in science.

  23. to furnish with a ground or background, as on decorative work.

  24. to cover (wallpaper) with colors or other materials before printing.

  25. to establish a ground for (an electric circuit, device, etc.).

    Category: Electricity and Magnetism

  26. to cause (a vessel) to run aground.

    Category: Navy

  27. to restrict (an aircraft or pilot) to the ground; prevent from flying.

    Category: Aeronautics

  28. Informal. to restrict the activities, esp. the social activities, of, usu. as a punishment.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Informal

  29. (v.i.)to come to or strike the ground.

  30. to hit a ground ball in baseball.

    Category: Sport

  31. ground out,Baseball. to be put out at first base after hitting a ground ball to the infield.

    Category: Verb Phrase, Sport

Idioms for ground:

  1. take the high ground,to take a position of advantage or superiority.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of ground:

bef. 900; ME; OE grund, c. OFris, OS grund, OHG grunt


  1. Ref: a pt. and pp. of grind .

  2. (adj.)reduced to fine particles by grinding.

  3. having the surface abraded or roughened by or as if by grinding.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. land, dry land, earth, ground, solid ground, terra firma(noun)

    the solid part of the earth's surface

    "the plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land"; "the earth shook for several minutes"; "he dropped the logs on the ground"

  2. reason, ground(noun)

    a rational motive for a belief or action

    "the reason that war was declared"; "the grounds for their declaration"

  3. earth, ground(noun)

    the loose soft material that makes up a large part of the land surface

    "they dug into the earth outside the church"

  4. footing, basis, ground(noun)

    a relation that provides the foundation for something

    "they were on a friendly footing"; "he worked on an interim basis"

  5. ground(noun)

    a position to be won or defended in battle (or as if in battle)

    "they gained ground step by step"; "they fought to regain the lost ground"

  6. background, ground(noun)

    the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground

    "he posed her against a background of rolling hills"

  7. land, ground, soil(noun)

    material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)

    "the land had never been plowed"; "good agricultural soil"

  8. ground(noun)

    a relatively homogeneous percept extending back of the figure on which attention is focused

  9. ground, earth(noun)

    a connection between an electrical device and a large conducting body, such as the earth (which is taken to be at zero voltage)

  10. ground(noun)

    (art) the surface (as a wall or canvas) prepared to take the paint for a painting

  11. flat coat, ground, primer, priming, primer coat, priming coat, undercoat(verb)

    the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

  12. anchor, ground(verb)

    fix firmly and stably

    "anchor the lamppost in concrete"

  13. ground(verb)

    confine or restrict to the ground

    "After the accident, they grounded the plane and the pilot"

  14. ground(verb)

    place or put on the ground

  15. ground(verb)

    instruct someone in the fundamentals of a subject

  16. ground, strand, run aground(verb)

    bring to the ground

    "the storm grounded the ship"

  17. ground, run aground(verb)

    hit or reach the ground

  18. ground(verb)

    throw to the ground in order to stop play and avoid being tackled behind the line of scrimmage

  19. ground(verb)

    hit a groundball

    "he grounded to the second baseman"

  20. ground(verb)

    hit onto the ground

  21. prime, ground, undercoat(verb)

    cover with a primer; apply a primer to

  22. ground(verb)

    connect to a ground

    "ground the electrical connections for safety reasons"

  23. establish, base, ground, found(verb)

    use as a basis for; found on

    "base a claim on some observation"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. ground(noun)ʊnd

    the surface of Earth that you walk on

    a room below ground; I found the earring lying on the ground.

  2. groundʊnd

    a subject that is being discussed

    We covered new ground in today's lecture.

  3. groundʊnd

    to increase/decrease your advantage or level of success

    The company's stocks gained ground this week.

  4. groundʊnd

    (of a large project, system, etc.) to start

    The new project took a while to get off the ground.

  5. groundʊnd

    to refuse to be frightened in a difficult or dangerous situation

    She stood her ground and yelled back at them.

  6. groundʊnd

    in the place where sth is happening

    an aid worker on the ground in the war zone

  7. ground(adjective)ʊnd

    (of food) crushed into small pieces

    ground beef

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ground

    of Grind

  2. Ground(noun)

    the surface of the earth; the outer crust of the globe, or some indefinite portion of it

  3. Ground(noun)

    a floor or pavement supposed to rest upon the earth

  4. Ground(noun)

    any definite portion of the earth's surface; region; territory; country. Hence: A territory appropriated to, or resorted to, for a particular purpose; the field or place of action; as, a hunting or fishing ground; a play ground

  5. Ground(noun)

    land; estate; possession; field; esp. (pl.), the gardens, lawns, fields, etc., belonging to a homestead; as, the grounds of the estate are well kept

  6. Ground(noun)

    the basis on which anything rests; foundation. Hence: The foundation of knowledge, belief, or conviction; a premise, reason, or datum; ultimate or first principle; cause of existence or occurrence; originating force or agency; as, the ground of my hope

  7. Ground(noun)

    that surface upon which the figures of a composition are set, and which relieves them by its plainness, being either of one tint or of tints but slightly contrasted with one another; as, crimson Bowers on a white ground

  8. Ground(noun)

    in sculpture, a flat surface upon which figures are raised in relief

  9. Ground(noun)

    in point lace, the net of small meshes upon which the embroidered pattern is applied; as, Brussels ground. See Brussels lace, under Brussels

  10. Ground(noun)

    a gummy composition spread over the surface of a metal to be etched, to prevent the acid from eating except where an opening is made by the needle

  11. Ground(noun)

    one of the pieces of wood, flush with the plastering, to which moldings, etc., are attached; -- usually in the plural

  12. Ground(noun)

    a composition in which the bass, consisting of a few bars of independent notes, is continually repeated to a varying melody

  13. Ground(noun)

    the tune on which descants are raised; the plain song

  14. Ground(noun)

    a conducting connection with the earth, whereby the earth is made part of an electrical circuit

  15. Ground(noun)

    sediment at the bottom of liquors or liquids; dregs; lees; feces; as, coffee grounds

  16. Ground(noun)

    the pit of a theater

  17. Ground(verb)

    to lay, set, or run, on the ground

  18. Ground(verb)

    to found; to fix or set, as on a foundation, reason, or principle; to furnish a ground for; to fix firmly

  19. Ground(verb)

    to instruct in elements or first principles

  20. Ground(verb)

    to connect with the ground so as to make the earth a part of an electrical circuit

  21. Ground(verb)

    to cover with a ground, as a copper plate for etching (see Ground, n., 5); or as paper or other materials with a uniform tint as a preparation for ornament

  22. Ground(verb)

    to run aground; to strike the bottom and remain fixed; as, the ship grounded on the bar

  23. Ground

    imp. & p. p. of Grind


  1. Ground

    In electrical engineering, ground or earth can refer to the reference point in an electrical circuit from which other voltages are measured, or a common return path for electric current, or a direct physical connection to the Earth. Electrical circuits may be connected to ground for several reasons. In mains powered equipment, exposed metal parts are connected to ground to prevent user contact with dangerous voltage if electrical insulation fails. Connections to ground limit the build-up of static electricity when handling flammable products or electrostatic-sensitive devices. In some telegraph and power transmission circuits, the earth itself can be used as one conductor of the circuit, saving the cost of installing a separate return conductor. For measurement purposes, the Earth serves as a constant potential reference against which other potentials can be measured. An electrical ground system should have an appropriate current-carrying capability to serve as an adequate zero-voltage reference level. In electronic circuit theory, a "ground" is usually idealized as an infinite source or sink for charge, which can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential. Where a real ground connection has a significant resistance, the approximation of zero potential is no longer valid. Stray voltages or earth potential rise effects will occur, which may create noise in signals or if large enough will produce an electric shock hazard.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Ground

    The contact of a conductor of an electric circuit with the earth, permitting the escape of current if another ground exists.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ground' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #615

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ground' in Written Corpus Frequency: #956

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'ground' in Nouns Frequency: #159

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the solid surface of the Earth

lying on the ground; high ground.

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