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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


also girt, 3

  1. the measure around a body or object; circumference.

  2. size; bulk.

  3. a band that passes underneath a horse or other animal to hold a saddle in place.

  4. something that encircles; a band or girdle.

  5. (v.t.)to bind or fasten with a girth.

  6. to girdle; encircle.

  7. to measure the girth of.

Origin of girth:

1300–50; < ON gerth girdle; akin to gird1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. girth(noun)

    the distance around a person's body

  2. cinch, girth(verb)

    stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place

  3. cinch, girth(verb)

    tie a cinch around

    "cinch horses"


  1. girth(Noun)

    The distance measured around an object.

  2. girth(Noun)

    A band passed under the belly of an animal to hold various types of saddles in place.

  3. girth(Noun)

    One's waistline circumference, most often a large one.

  4. Origin: gjǫrð (whence the Icelandic gjörð), akin to Gothic 033203300339034203330330, German Gurt. Cognate with Albanian ngërthej.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Girth(noun)

    a band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a horse

  2. Girth(noun)

    the measure round the body, as at the waist or belly; the circumference of anything

  3. Girth(noun)

    a small horizontal brace or girder

  4. Girth(verb)

    to bind as with a girth


  1. Girth

    In graph theory, the girth of a graph is the length of a shortest cycle contained in the graph. If the graph does not contain any cycles, its girth is defined to be infinity. For example, a 4-cycle has girth 4. A grid has girth 4 as well, and a triangular mesh has girth 3. A graph with girth four or more is triangle-free.

Anagrams of girth

  1. grith, right

  2. Grith

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the measurement round a tree, a person's waist etc.

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