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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gam•utˈgæm ət(n.)

  1. the entire scale or range:

    the gamut of dramatic emotion from grief to joy.

  2. the whole series of recognized musical notes.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of gamut:

1425–75; late ME < ML; contr. of gamma ut=gamma, used to represent the first or lowest tone (G) in the medieval scale +ut (later do); the notes of the scale (ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si) being named from a Latin hymn to St. John the Baptist: Ut queant laxis resonare fibris. Mira gestorum famuli tuorum, Solve polluti labii reatum, Sancte Iohannes

Princeton's WordNet

  1. gamut(noun)

    a complete extent or range: "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions"

  2. gamut(noun)

    the entire scale of musical notes


  1. gamut(Noun)

    A (normally) complete range.

  2. gamut(Noun)

    All the notes in the musical scale.

  3. gamut(Noun)

    All the colours available to a device such as a monitor or printer.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gamut(noun)

    the scale


  1. Gamut

    In color reproduction, including computer graphics and photography, the gamut, or color gamut, is a certain complete subset of colors. The most common usage refers to the subset of colors which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance, such as within a given color space or by a certain output device. Another sense, less frequently used but not less correct, refers to the complete set of colors found within an image at a given time. In this context, digitizing a photograph, converting a digitized image to a different color space, or outputting it to a given medium using a certain output device generally alters its gamut, in the sense that some of the colors in the original are lost in the process.

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