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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

gam•bleˈgæm bəl(v.; n.)-bled, -bling

  1. (v.i.)to play at a game of chance for money or other stakes.

    Category: Games

  2. to stake or risk something of value, as money, on the outcome of something involving chance; bet.

  3. (v.t.)to lose or squander by betting (usu. fol. by away).

  4. to wager or risk (something of value); stake:

    I'll gamble my life on his honesty.

  5. to take a chance on; risk.

  6. (n.)any matter or thing involving risk or hazardous uncertainty.

  7. a venture in a game of chance.

Origin of gamble:

1150–1200; ME gamenen to play (OE gamenian); see game1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. gamble(noun)

    money that is risked for possible monetary gain

  2. gamble(verb)

    a risky act or venture

  3. gamble, chance, risk, hazard, take chances, adventure, run a risk, take a chance(verb)

    take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome

    "When you buy these stocks you are gambling"

  4. gamble(verb)

    play games for money

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. gamble(verb)ˈgæm bəl

    to risk money by saying who you think will win a race, competition, etc.

    people who like to gamble; He gambled all his money on one race.

  2. gamble(noun)ˈgæm bəl

    a risk

    The house renovation project was a gamble, but in the end it really paid off.; gamblers playing poker; an addiction to gambling


  1. gamble(Noun)

    A significant risk, undertaken with a potential gain.

  2. gamble(Noun)

    A risky venture

    The sailors had taken many gambles with the sea and always won.

  3. gamble(Verb)

    To take a risk, with the potential of a positive outcome.

  4. gamble(Verb)

    To play risky games, especially casino games, for monetary gain.

  5. gamble(Verb)

    To risk (something) for potential gain.

    He gambled his reputation on the outcome.

  6. gamble(Verb)

    To interact with equipment at a casino

  7. Origin: From gamenian 'to play', either via a dialectal survival of gammlen, a variant of gamenen 'to play, jest, be merry', or via a derivative of gamel 'to play games'

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gamble(verb)

    to play or game for money or other stake

  2. Gamble(verb)

    to lose or squander by gaming; -- usually with away

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(something which involves) a risk

The whole business was a bit of a gamble.

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