Definitions for galoregəˈlɔr, -ˈloʊr

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ga•loregəˈlɔr, -ˈloʊr(adv.)

  1. in abundance; in plentiful amounts (used postpositively):

    food and drink galore.

Origin of galore:

1660–70; < Ir go leor enough, plenty (ScotGael gu leòr, leòir)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. galore(ip)(adj)

    in great numbers

    "daffodils galore"

  2. abounding, galore(ip)(adj)

    existing in abundance

    "abounding confidence"; "whiskey galore"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. galore(adjective)əˈlɔr, -ˈloʊr

    in very large amounts

    a store window stuffed with toys galore


  1. galore(Adjective)

    In abundance.

    After the shipwreck there was whisky galore to be had for the taking.

  2. Origin: From go leor and gu leòr, gu leòir, "enough, plenty", "till sufficiency, till plenty, till clarity'" (leor is the dative of léir "sufficiency, plenty, clarity").

Webster Dictionary

  1. Galore

    plenty; abundance; in abundance

Anagrams of galore

  1. gaoler, goaler

  2. Gaoler

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(placed immediately after noun) in large amounts, numbers

There are book-shops galore in this town.

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