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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fran•ticˈfræn tɪk(adj.)

  1. wild with emotion; frenzied.

  2. marked by desperation; anxious.

  3. Archaic. insane; mad.

Origin of frantic:

1325–75; ME frantik, frenetik < OF frenetique < L phrenēticus delirious


Princeton's WordNet

  1. frantic, frenetic, phrenetic, frenzied(adj)

    excessively agitated; distraught with fear or other violent emotion

    "frantic with anger and frustration"; "frenetic screams followed the accident"; "a frenzied look in his eye"

  2. delirious, excited, frantic, mad, unrestrained(adj)

    marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion

    "a crowd of delirious baseball fans"; "something frantic in their gaiety"; "a mad whirl of pleasure"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. frantic(adjective)ˈfræn tɪk

    uncontrolled because of fear or worry

    a frantic attempt to rescue them from the water; They tried frantically to reach him on the phone


  1. frantic(Adjective)

    Insane, mentally unstable.

  2. frantic(Adjective)

    In a state of panic, worry, frenzy or rush.

    They returned the missing child to his frantic mother.

  3. frantic(Adjective)

    Extremely energetic

    frantic music

Webster Dictionary

  1. Frantic(adj)

    mad; raving; furious; violent; wild and disorderly; distracted


  1. Frantic

    Frantic is a 1988 American-French mystery thriller film directed by Roman Polanski and starring Harrison Ford and Emmanuelle Seigner. The theme was written, arranged and performed by Simply Red. The French locations and Ennio Morricone's musical score create much of the film's atmosphere. Grace Jones' recording of I've Seen That Face Before, a cover version of Ástor Piazzolla's Libertango, as well as "Chicago Song" of David Sanborn is heard at key moments in the film.

Anagrams of frantic

  1. infarct

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


anxious or very worried

The frantic mother searched for her child.

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