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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

for•bid•denfərˈbɪd n, fɔr-(v.)

  1. Ref: a past part. of forbid .

  2. (adj.)not allowed; prohibited:

    forbidden practices.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. forbidden, out(p), prohibited, proscribed, taboo, tabu, verboten(adj)

    excluded from use or mention

    "forbidden fruit"; "in our house dancing and playing cards were out"; "a taboo subject"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. forbidden(adjective)ərˈbɪd n, fɔr-

    not allowed; = prohibited

    Alcohol is strictly forbidden.


  1. forbidden(Adjective)

    not allowed.

  2. Origin: From to forbid.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Forbidden

    of Forbid

  2. Forbidden(adj)

    prohibited; interdicted


  1. Forbidden

    Forbidden is a thrash metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 1985 as Forbidden Evil, the group was founded by Russ Anderson and Craig Locicero, who are both permanent members. Since their formation, Forbidden have broken up and reformed twice with numerous line-up changes. The current line-up of the band comprises Anderson, Locicero, Matt Comacho, Steve Smyth and Mark Hernandez. Along with Death Angel, Defiance, Testament and Exodus, they are one of the most successful Bay Area thrash metal bands and earned a growing fan-base in the underground music community and critical acclaim, with their debut album Forbidden Evil described by critics as a classic thrash metal album. Their early style was technical thrash metal, but the band later experimented with alternative and groove metal elements on their fourth album Green.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not allowed

Smoking is forbidden.

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