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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fla•gi•tiousfləˈdʒɪʃ əs(adj.)

  1. heinous or flagrant, as a crime; infamous.

Origin of flagitious:

1350–1400; ME flagicious < L flāgitiōsus, der. of flāgiti(um) shame, scandal


Princeton's WordNet

  1. flagitious, heinous(adj)

    extremely wicked, deeply criminal

    "a flagitious crime"; "heinous accusations"

  2. atrocious, flagitious, grievous, monstrous(adj)

    shockingly brutal or cruel

    "murder is an atrocious crime"; "a grievous offense against morality"; "a grievous crime"; "no excess was too monstrous for them to commit"


  1. flagitious(Adjective)

    Extremely brutal or cruel

  2. Origin: flagitieux or flagitiosus, both ultimately from flāgitium.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Flagitious(adj)

    disgracefully or shamefully criminal; grossly wicked; scandalous; shameful; -- said of acts, crimes, etc

  2. Flagitious(adj)

    guilty of enormous crimes; corrupt; profligate; -- said of persons

  3. Flagitious(adj)

    characterized by scandalous crimes or vices; as, flagitious times


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