Definitions for flagellantˈflædʒ ə lənt, fləˈdʒɛl ənt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

flag•el•lantˈflædʒ ə lənt, fləˈdʒɛl ənt(n.)

  1. a person who flagellates himself or herself for religious discipline.

  2. a person who derives sexual pleasure from whipping or being whipped by another person.

  3. (adj.)pertaining to flagellation.

  4. severely criticizing.

Origin of flagellant:

1555–65; < L


Princeton's WordNet

  1. flagellant(noun)

    a person who is whipped or whips himself for sexual gratification

  2. flagellant(noun)

    a person who whips himself as a religious penance


  1. flagellant(Noun)

    One who practices flagellating oneself, either for penance.

  2. flagellant(Noun)

    A member of a religious order that preaches self-mortification as a means of absolution.

  3. Origin: From the flagellare meaning to whip

Webster Dictionary

  1. Flagellant(noun)

    one of a fanatical sect which flourished in Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries, and maintained that flagellation was of equal virtue with baptism and the sacrament; -- called also disciplinant


  1. Flagellant

    Flagellants are practitioners of an extreme form of mortification of their own flesh by whipping it with various instruments.


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