Definitions for flabellumfləˈbɛl əm; -ˈbɛl ə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fla•bel•lumfləˈbɛl əm; -ˈbɛl ə(n.)(pl.)-bel•la

  1. a fan, esp. one used in religious ceremonies.

  2. Biol. a fan-shaped organ or part.

    Category: Biology

Origin of flabellum:

1865–70; < L flābellum fan, dim. of flābra breezes, der. of flā(re) to blow2


  1. flabellum(Noun)

    A large fan used for religious ceremonies.

  2. flabellum(Noun)

    Any fan-shaped structure.

  3. Origin: From flābellum "fan".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Flabellum(noun)

    a fan; especially, the fan carried before the pope on state occasions, made in ostrich and peacock feathers


  1. Flabellum

    A flabellum, in Catholic liturgical use, is a fan made of metal, leather, silk, parchment or feathers, intended to keep away insects from the consecrated Body and Blood of Christ and from the priest, as well as to show honour. The ceremonial use of such fans dates back to ancient Egypt, and an example was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. A flabellum is also a fan-shaped structure on the fifth legs of horseshoe crabs.


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