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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fief•domˈfif dəm(n.)

  1. the estate or domain of a feudal lord.

    Category: Medieval History, Western History

  2. anything owned by one dominant person or group.

    Category: Medieval History, Informal

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fiefdom(noun)

    the domain controlled by a feudal lord

  2. fiefdom(noun)

    an organization that is controlled by a dominant person or group


  1. fiefdom(Noun)

    The estate controlled by a feudal lord; a fief.

    The duke's fiefdom had been greatly expanded as a reward for his dutiful military service on behalf of the king.

  2. fiefdom(Noun)

    Any organization in the control of a dominant individual. Primarily used with a critical or pejorative connotation.

    Most of our company's computers are standardized, but the IT director allows the employees in his own little fiefdom to specify their own machines.

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