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  1. feather, plume, plumage(noun)

    the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds

  2. feather, feathering(verb)

    turning an oar parallel to the water between pulls

  3. feather(verb)

    join tongue and groove, in carpentry

  4. feather(verb)

    cover or fit with feathers

  5. feather, square(verb)

    turn the paddle; in canoeing

  6. feather, square(verb)

    turn the oar, while rowing

  7. fledge, feather(verb)

    grow feathers

    "The young sparrows are fledging already"

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  1. feather(Noun)

    A branching, hair-like structure that grows on the wings of birds that allows their wings to create lift.

  2. feather(Noun)

    Long hair on lower legs of heavier horses, especially draft horses, notably the Clydesdale breed. Narrowly only the rear hair.

  3. feather(Verb)

    To cover with feathers.

  4. feather(Verb)

    To arrange in the manner or appearance of feathers.

    The stylist feathered my hair.

  5. feather(Verb)

    To rotate the oars while they are out of the water to reduce wind resistance.

  6. feather(Verb)

    To streamline the blades of an aircraft's propeller by rotating them perpendicular to the axis of the propeller when the engine is shut down so that the propeller doesn't windmill as the aircraft flies.

    After striking the bird, the pilot feathered the left, damaged engine's propeller.

  7. feather(Verb)

    To finely shave or bevel an edge.

  8. feather(Verb)

    To intergrade or blend the pixels of an image with those of a background or neighboring image.

  9. Origin: From fether, from feþer, from feþrō, from peta-. The Indo-European root is also the source of Greek πέτεσθαι, πτῶσις, shpend, Latin penna, Old Armenian թիռ. Celtic *petno- (Old Irish én, Breton ein ‘bird’).

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  1. Feather(noun)

    one of the peculiar dermal appendages, of several kinds, belonging to birds, as contour feathers, quills, and down

  2. Feather(noun)

    kind; nature; species; -- from the proverbial phrase, "Birds of a feather," that is, of the same species

  3. Feather(noun)

    the fringe of long hair on the legs of the setter and some other dogs

  4. Feather(noun)

    a tuft of peculiar, long, frizzly hair on a horse

  5. Feather(noun)

    one of the fins or wings on the shaft of an arrow

  6. Feather(noun)

    a longitudinal strip projecting as a fin from an object, to strengthen it, or to enter a channel in another object and thereby prevent displacement sidwise but permit motion lengthwise; a spline

  7. Feather(noun)

    a thin wedge driven between the two semicylindrical parts of a divided plug in a hole bored in a stone, to rend the stone

  8. Feather(noun)

    the angular adjustment of an oar or paddle-wheel float, with reference to a horizontal axis, as it leaves or enters the water

  9. Feather(verb)

    to furnish with a feather or feathers, as an arrow or a cap

  10. Feather(verb)

    to adorn, as with feathers; to fringe

  11. Feather(verb)

    to render light as a feather; to give wings to

  12. Feather(verb)

    to enrich; to exalt; to benefit

  13. Feather(verb)

    to tread, as a cock

  14. Feather(verb)

    to grow or form feathers; to become feathered; -- often with out; as, the birds are feathering out

  15. Feather(verb)

    to curdle when poured into another liquid, and float about in little flakes or "feathers;" as, the cream feathers

  16. Feather(verb)

    to turn to a horizontal plane; -- said of oars

  17. Feather(verb)

    to have the appearance of a feather or of feathers; to be or to appear in feathery form

  18. Origin: [OE. fether, AS. feer; akin to D. veder, OHG. fedara, G. feder, Icel. fjr, Sw. fjder, Dan. fjder, Gr. ptero`n wing, feather, pe`tesqai to fly, Skr. pattra wing, feather, pat to fly, and prob. to L. penna feather, wing. 76, 248. Cf. Pen a feather.]

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  1. Feather

    Feathers are one of the epidermal growths that form the distinctive outer covering, or plumage, on birds and some non-avian theropod dinosaurs. They are considered the most complex integumentary structures found in vertebrates, and indeed a premier example of a complex evolutionary novelty. They are among the characteristics that distinguish the extant Aves from other living groups. Feathers have also been noticed in those Theropoda which have been termed feathered dinosaurs. Although feathers cover most parts of the body of birds, they arise only from certain well-defined tracts on the skin. They aid in flight, thermal insulation, waterproofing and coloration that helps in communication and protection.

British National Corpus

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    Rank popularity for the word 'feather' in Nouns Frequency: #2595

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  1. feareth

  2. terefah

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