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Princeton's WordNet

  1. faze, unnerve, enervate, unsettle(verb)

    disturb the composure of


  1. faze(Verb)

    To frighten or cause hesitation; to daunt, put off (usually used in the negative), to perturb, to disconcert.

    Jumping out of an airplane does not faze him, yet he is afraid to ride a roller coaster.

  2. Origin: From English dialectal (Kentish) feeze, feese, from fesen, from fesan, fysan, from funsijanan, from pent-. Cognate with fusian, fýsa.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Faze(verb)

    see Feeze


  1. Faze

    Faze is a Nigerian musician and actor. He is a member of the defunct Nigerian hip hop group Plantashun Boiz, along with BlackFace Naija and TuFace. The group split up in 2004 and each member of the group has gone on to launch successful solo careers. Faze is a best-selling Nigerian artist. His first album Faze Alone sold over one million copies, while his second album Independent has sold over 3 million copies. His third album Originality went platinum in its first month of release. He is the first Nigerian artist to have three consecutive platinum albums. Faze is known for his ability to sing the highest vocal note out of Nigerian contemporary male musicians . His collaborations include a recorded single with Wyclef Jean titled 'Proud to be African'. In 2011 Faze made his acting debut starring in the lead male role of 'Lovechild' in the critically acclaimed Nigerian movie Alero's Symphony. He also provided the movie's soundtrack for which he won an Africa Movie Academy award in 2012, in the category of Achievement in Soundtrack.

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