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Fat•i•midˈfæt ə mɪd; -ˌmaɪt(n.)

also Fat•i•mite

  1. any caliph of the North African dynasty, 909–1171, claiming descent from Fatima and Ali.

    Category: Ancient History, Western History

  2. any descendant of Fatima and Ali.

    Category: Western History

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  1. Fatimid(Noun)

    A member of a Muslim dynasty in North Africa and Egypt (Approx CE 900-1200).


  1. Fatimid Caliphate

    The Fatimid Caliphate was a Shia caliphate, which spanned a large area of North Africa, from the Red Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The dynasty ruled across the Mediterranean coast of Africa and ultimately made Egypt the centre of the caliphate. At its height, the caliphate included in addition to Egypt varying areas of the Maghreb, Sudan, Sicily, the Levant, and Hijaz. The Fatimids were descended from Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, according to Fatimid claims. The Fatimid state took shape among the Berber Kutama, the people of Algeria. In 909 Fatimid established the Tunisian city of Mahdia as their capital. In 948 they shifted their capital to Al-Mansuriya. In 969 they conquered Egypt and built the city of Cairo, which became the capital of the caliphate, and Egypt became the political, cultural, and religious centre of the state. The ruling elite of the state belonged to the Ismaili branch of Shi'ism, as were the leaders of the dynasty. They are also part of the chain of holders of the office of Caliph, as recognized by orthodox Muslims. Therefore, this constitutes a rare period in history in which the descendants of Ali via the daughter of the prophet, Fatimah, and the Caliphate were united to any degree, except for the final period of the Rashidun Caliphate under Ali himself. The term Fatimite is sometimes used to refer to citizens of the caliphate.


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